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Helping Local Business Store to Thrive with e-Commerce

Website UX Design




UX Design, User and Market Research, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Usability Testing,
Google Slides Presentation


General Assembly

A student project for UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly.


Click on the video below to play the demo

The Challenge
Creating an e-commerce site to support a local gardening store

“More than at any time in our past, we are living in big towns and cities and often in confined living spaces, spending work and leisure time in the digital world, without much connection to the natural world that we’re inherently part of. Being around plants is a kind of antidote to our busy, urban, digital lives.” 


– Denise Law

(Tumbleweed founder)

*Source: CNA

Last year’s COVID hit our sales as we weren’t able to open our shop. A lot of our consumers has no access to greenery too since they are locked down. After the circuit breaker more people start picking up gardening as a way to relieve stress*

Brand Guideline
Greenerds, a fictional brand birthed to illustrate a local garden store

We are located at the heart of Caldecott and been here since 2012. We have been serving the local community and we would like to invite you to our store to relieve your green obsession.

Key Learnings
Through User and Market Research, we arrived at our key learnings

Some untapped potential consumers don’t use e-commerce when they want to shop for plants/ gardening

The motivation behind their purchase and their behaviours, such as lifestyle, environment, recipients, delivery method, etc

There is a lack of educational information on plant care online

User Personas
Who are we designing it for?

Rookie Plant Hobbyist

Jessica needs a way to easily discover and purchase a plant online because she wants to get the right plant for her lifestyle.

The Loving Husband

Michael needs a way to easily discover and purchase a gift online for her wife because she is a plant lover.

Here is how Greenerds website can benefit users

The video demonstrates how consumers can check out the section/ sub navigation called “Take a Quiz” to show the best plant matches for them by answering sets of questions to purchase plants.

Click on the video to play the demo

This video demonstrates how consumers can customise their gift options before adding the item to the cart/ checkout.

Click on the video to play the demo

Play around with the demo prototype below

images used in prototype come from various sources (Tumbleweed, pinterest, google, other local garden shop)

Responsive Layout
Future Considerations
Where to go next?

The project could use few more wireframes and detailed demonstrations to navigate to other pages with prototyping. Through usability testing, I found out it would be good to have actual photos of the plant itself (inventory) as well, due to the uniqueness of each plant.

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