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Prioritising Health and Wellness During a Pandemic

Website UX Design




Fellicia Yonata and Kai Jun Leong


General Assembly


UX Design, Project Planning, User and Market Research, Figma Wireframing, Usability Testing, Google Slides Presentation

A group student project for UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly

The Challenge
Understanding SG United and its initiatives

Before making people understand what SG united is, we had to crack it first.

Through our landscape analysis (surfing the Government subsidiaries we think might be blood-related to SG United) and interviewing GovTech employees, we have come to our understanding of SG United as an overall brand and their initiatives. (Though we keep digging and digging to yet undiscovered side of SG United)


SG United is a campaign turned brand that was introduced during the pandemic to unite locals. By effectively providing employment support, skill-building resources, overall wellbeing aid and community-driven events, SG United strives to build rapport amongst the community.

A chart to illustrate the overall situation of SG United currently.

We experimented with using analogies of local brands and products, such as Fairprice and Watsons as well as basic shapes and colours. The results weren't really clear to the audience, hence we used the animated version of the chart above during the presentation.

Click on the video below to play the demo

Our Process
Project Timeline Overview

The diagram illustrates how we worked to tackle the project within the given timeline.

Key Learnings
Through User and Market Research, we arrived at our key learnings

We conducted user interviews with 12 people and gather insights from survey results of 63 people.


Users have not visited the SG United website


More people in Singapore have been seeking help for mental health issues amidst the COVID-19 outbreak


Popular initiatives people relates to SG United

Users are generally unaware of SG United’s key agenda which is to donate/volunteer and they are also unaware of the other initiatives affiliated with SG United

User Personas
Who are we designing it for?

The Kind Soul

People who want to help the community through volunteer and donation


The Philomath

Local Singaporeans who want to build their skills to stay industry-relevant


The Mindfulness

People who want to improve their health and wellness especially in this pandemic time


The Job Hunter

Local Singaporeans who are looking for job opportunities and SMEs aid guide

For the outcome, we decided to focus on one main persona to work for our solutions, which is "The Mindfulness".

How our revamped SG United will benefit the users

The video showcases user can check out the “Mindline” page by navigating via the Health & Wellbeing header. Content from the Mindline website is displayed on the "Mindline" page.

Click on the video to play the demo

The video showcases content display updated navigation system to target our four main personas briefly at the start.


Then followed by the user interacting with the chatbot and be redirected to a relevant initiative based on how they are feeling that day. In this example, we are showing "Happiness Initiatives".

Click on the video to play the demo

Mobile Responsive Version

The video shows how the chatbot works on the responsive layout such as mobile here.

Click on the video to play the demo

Play around with the demo prototype below

images used in prototype come from various sources
(SG United, google, government sites)

Future Considerations
Here are Our Conclusions

Utilising research from this project, we synthesised them to key learnings before coming up with a newly designed website that has shown results such as:

  • Users are more aware of SG United initiatives

  • Users can find the information they need 

  • Alternative formats of the website allow the page to be more accessible by all age groups

Future Considerations:

  • Further usability testing after the first round of usability testing and changes

  • Research on having an emotionally intelligent chatbot

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