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Assuring Parents through a Baby Monitor App

A 3 weeks Pro Bono project for B8B Startup Client under General Assembly UX Design Immersive Course

UI & UX Design

App Design


Creative Lead of the project, UX Design, Project Planning, User and Market Research, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Usability Testing, Google Slides Presentation


B8B Startup




Fellicia Yonata, Frederick Poon, Gabriel Chua, Gin Lu, Kai Jun Leong

Key Learnings

Through User and Market Research, we arrived at our key learnings

We conducted user interviews with 15 people and gather insights from survey results of 30 people.


SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)

Here are three main worries of parents about their baby


Health & Growth


Escaping out of crib

1 out of 3

survey respondents use a baby monitor use it for assurance (Camera monitoring & alerts), and easy to use is the main factor when it comes to buying decision.

We have listed below the features of a baby monitor in order of importance

1. Alerts and Notifications

2. 2-way Communications

3. Data Analytics

4. User Access

5. Lullabies

7. Community

6. Organised Gallery

8. E-commerce




Sleeping Hour


Diaper Changing

On data analytics, we dug deeper to rank these categories below based on what categories parents would track on their babies


Crying Time


Physical Growth

The Wonder Mom

Christine is a first time mom and often has to focus on her work, she needs a way to communicate with her baby as well as receive alerts whenever she is not home.

The Super Nanny

Mary is a domestic helper and caregiver for the Ong family’s baby. She needs a way to watch the baby while she does her household chores and to be able to play lullabies to calm the baby.

The Power Dad

Roger is a first time dad who wants to sleep train his daughter as she has irregular sleep patterns. He needs an app that can monitor his daughter’s health and growth.

User Personas

Who are we designing it for?

Play around with the demo prototype below

images used in prototype come from various sources (google, shutterstock)

We developed the tutorial page for usability testing after the lo-fi wireframe


During the sketch and lo-fi wireframe, we faced a problem on how to display the information better and input data methods


Here is the landing page (home) for usability testing

Home Feed

We heard the users' feedback and made some changes

We've created few additional pages outside the prototype, such as how the notifications appear on the lock and home screen, iOS widget page, and in-app emergency alert.

We have created the brand guide and built a UI Kit library for B8B needs in future


Introducing the home page and alert feature

The video shows how users can log in to the app, followed by the tutorials, interactions with the live feed on the home page, and the alerts page where different type of alerts received (pink for danger, yellow for warning, and grey for normal alerts).


B8B iOS App built for parents and caretakers needs


Statistics page for parents

The video shows how users can track the baby's statistics aspects such as sleep, feed, diaper change, physical growth, and crying time. Various chart and time frame based on different aspects shown as well as tips sections related to it.


Users can use the lullaby feature

The video shows how users can access pre-loaded lullabies on the lullaby page, select a song to play through the baby monitor, and turning on the baby monitor's light.


List of items under profile page

The video shows how users can make changes to their profile, set the different user access levels, turning on/off the different types of notifications, and other app settings (such as language, mobile data, dark mode). ​

Future Considerations

Here are Our Conclusions

Based on key learnings synthesised from our research data, we have developed a newly designed iOS app for B8B that delivers results such as:

  • Users appreciate the elements of B8B’s statistics feature, and its detailed approach towards tracking and analysis.

  • Potential users are excited about the features B8B has to offer.

  • Widgets and AI supported tracking would reduce the no. of steps required to access and add data to the statistics feature.

  • Parents are likely to feel more assured about their babies’ safety if there are notifications about their general well-being and alerts when danger is detected.

Future Considerations:

  • With the consideration that B8B will expand abroad, we have implemented a language section where the app can be viewed in several different languages.

  • community section where parents and other users can share their knowledge, stories and photos based on their experiences.

  • Tips/information on statistics pages can be incorporated and further explored in terms of having B8B internally written articles.

  • Understanding that B8B is looking to expand their product line, an e-commerce section is included to expose users to the diverse product range.

  • Pages such as gallery, video playback and help/privacy will be further developed, past the simple page representation that has been created at present.

  • Further integration with Siri (voice command) or iOS widget to be developed where users can command or access specific features.

The Brief

Building a Baby Monitor Brand and App from Scratch


Logos we have developed for B8B (left) and our team logo (right)

Exploring the unknown world

We UX Babies, a team of five have been given a brief from our client B8B, a consumer tech/baby tech startup. We are looking to build an ecosystem of tech products to help young parents with assuring the safety of their children while also taking care of their well-being. B8B’s very own Baby Activity Tracker and Interpreter will be our first product and also our focus on this project.

The solution consists of a hardware and a software (app) combination which helps to interpret likely baby behaviour. As we will be dealing with babies, safety is paramount for our success.

Since B8B has yet to present itself to the market and most of our team members weren't familiar with the baby monitor world, we have to work around assumptions and design based on UX strategies for a product that is still in the works, hence we decided to turn to our competitors for inspiration for our UI and features. Where it leads us to the base of our research to figure out which main features are necessary.

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