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Celebrating DSO 50th Anniversary

The Challenge

Six Storytelling Chapters, One Website

DSO showcased various stories regarding their achievements and milestones for the past 50 years into 6 storytelling chapters. Each chapters act as its own mini microsite with their own unique look and feel. The challenge lies in maintaining the 50th anniversary branding along with having a consistent look across the six colourful chapters. How can we design an interactive site while keeping it mobile-friendly?

Building Chapter 4:
Towards the Next Frontier

The Brief

Building a digital exhibition space showcasing DSO Singapore's accomplishments over the last 50 years

Singapore’s largest defence R&D organization, DSO National Laboratories (DSO), sought to launch a commemorative website in conjunction with their Golden Jubilee dinner. Motion was appointed to undertake this momentous project, and deepened the collaboration through bringing their long-time partner and digital agency Bonsey Jaden on board.

Titled "A Relentless Pursuit", the website would commemorate DSO's legacy, and provide the public with a discernable yet expansive view of how the different parts of DSO functioned collectively. The journey would bring visitors through six interactive chapters, adorned with tales illustrating a core aspect of the organisation – from its conceptualisation in the hands of a three-man team in 1972 and the array of domains and cutting-edge technologies it has expanded into since, to the numerous collaborations with local and international partners to further its innovative work. It is a highly-immersive platform where visitors can experience the journey seamlessly through a narration that uses a myriad of interactive elements.

Chapter 4 focuses heavily on the DSO's game-changing technologies they have developed. Within the chapter itself, it is divided into five main stories which we want users to walk through the journey and discover the different types of technologies DSO have developed over the years. We gave the chapter dark and cyber technology look and feel to match the stories and images.

Teamwork made Chapter 6:
The DSO Spirit

Featuring the people of DSO, chapter 6 displays the teamDSO's core values and beliefs in People, Passion, and Innovation. We experimented with bright colours as well as fun illustrations across the six different sub-chapters to distinguish each theme while adding the scrapbook feel and more personalised as the team tell their own stories.

Kenny Wong, DSO

So much has been done, accomplished and learnt. The team is one of the greatest blessings in this entire journey. I shared the website to our board of directors yesterday. They were so impressed. And so is the working team. I keep admiring the website. What an incredible effort and display of amazing partnership between all parties!

Quick Overview of the Remaining Chapters

A website meticulously designed and expertly developed to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of DSO National Laboratories.

UI & UX Design

Web Design


Main Designer for Chapter 4, collaborators on chapter 6, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Presentation


DSO National Laboratories




Fellicia Yonata, Amira Hidayat (Lead Designer), Motion (Project Manager), Irene Wikanta (Project Lead), Gabrielle (Intern)

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