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My First Skool and NTUC First Campus Refreshed

As part of NTUC First Campus brand refresh, both the website and My First Skool website received a fresh and updated appearance from our team.

UI & UX Design

Web Design

My First Skool
NTUC First Campus

UI & UX Design, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Google Slides, Usability Testing


My First Skool




Risang Kuncoro (UI/UX Designer), Irene Wikanta (UX Lead), Gillian Chow, Yosua Priskilla, Roni Asra, Julie Ann Jose, Ifa


UI & UX Design, Figma Wireframing and Prototyping, Google Slides, Usability Testing


NTUC First Campus




Risang Kuncoro (UI/UX Designer), Irene Wikanta (UX Lead), Gillian Chow, Yosua Priskilla

Improving parents' experience with a new brand, and an all-new website

NTUC My First Skool has a long history of leadership in child care and preschool education, and as part of an updated brand positioning exercise, they tasked Bonsey Jaden with bringing their new brand propositions to life; and place a stronger emphasis on a more functional content architecture with a streamlined lead generation funnel.

With the redesigned information architecture, users can more easily navigate their way through the site and find the information they are looking for. This better user experience with conveniently placed register now CTA, is to help them decide to enrol their kids with My First Skool.

Refreshed brand positioning

We showcased My First Skool's new brand positioning through colourful storytelling. MFS needed to tell a story that would educate, reassure and engage, to reassure parents and guardians that by choosing My First Skool, they are making the best choice for their children.

Auto-filled form completion process

The registration process was simplified by utilising SingPass automation. By logging in to SingPass, users have their form pre-filled with their relevant details. Doing so will help users complete their registration faster and increase the conversion rate.

Centre vacancies at a glance

Searching for available My First Skool centres was made easier on the 'Our Centres' page. Users can view which centres have vacancies that will allow instant registration. To add a deeper level of detail, an indoor Google map was incorporated into each centre page, so that parents or guardians can have a virtual tour of the centre they want their child to attend.

Parental peace of mind

Detailed information covering curriculum details and available programmes can often be overwhelming to parents. To address this, we designed the MFS website to be as easy to read as possible, and positioned the details so that everything would be easy to find and quick to grasp. By doing so, parents and guardians can find and go through the information that will reassure them that My First Skool would give their children the best start in their educational lives.

Enabling bright futures for every child

In celebration of their 45th anniversary, NTUC First Campus embarked on a significant brand transformation initiative. As a pivotal aspect of this brand launch, they enlisted the expertise of Bonsey Jaden to embark on a comprehensive overhaul of their website, aiming to align their online presence with the newly reimagined brand identity and effectively communicate their evolved mission and values to their audience.

Utilizing the Information Architecture provided by the client and adhering to the predetermined WordPress theme, our design strategy revolves around a block-based approach. This approach not only aligns with the project's unique demands and limitations but also offers the flexibility for incremental development and future content editing, with the added advantage of potentially reusing the block layout for upcoming content updates.

Note: Please note that while we initially provided layout templates, certain adjustments have been made either due to content requirements or client decisions in collaboration with the external developer on the final website. Consequently, the images displayed here represent our original proposals and may not accurately reflect the final website configuration.

Storytelling with interactions

To bring the stories of families who have benefited from the Child Support Model to life in an engaging manner, we've introduced a playful, interactive element. Think of it as dragging a wheel to unveil compelling stories, complete with rolling numbers and captivating hovering animations. In our quest to make statistics more visually appealing, we've incorporated vibrant imagery alongside the data. Additionally, we've transformed conventional milestones into an interactive timeline, allowing you to click through the years within a single, streamlined block for a more immersive experience

Brands and programmes at a glance

The aim is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly format that allows viewers to effortlessly navigate and comprehend the diverse offerings of NTUC First Campus. By adopting a cleaner layout, the information is presented in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner, reducing visual noise and making it easier for the audience to absorb key details about the institution's brands and educational programs.

New brand identity incorporated

The integration of NTUC First Campus's new brand identity into the redesigned website is a pivotal step in ensuring brand consistency and a unified user experience. This means that the updated logo, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements that constitute the new brand identity are seamlessly woven into the website's design.

Improving the board and staff layout design to display their information better, paired with cleaner awards page design.

Careers made accessible through centres across regions

As an educator, accessing information about available career opportunities in different regions and centers across Singapore is of paramount importance. To facilitate this, we've developed an interactive map that focuses on four key regions. This map serves as a dynamic platform, enabling users to seamlessly explore job openings specific to their chosen region. By clicking on their desired location, users can easily access a curated list of available positions in that particular area, streamlining their job search and enhancing user experience.

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